Business and Charity of Betsy DeVos

The name of Betsy DeVos has grown in popularity since she became Trump’s Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos was known primarily in the United States prior her promotion, but now her name is known in a few other places as well. At her current post, Betsy DeVos has been trying to enforce a school voucher system and equalizing the rights of sexual predators and their victims on campuses.


Allegedly, Betsy DeVos was elected to the secretary post due to her active involvement in philanthropy in the education sector. Betsy DeVos donates only to Christian education groups and predominantly Christian universities. Over the years, Betsy DeVos has doled out millions to academies such as universities, charter schools, Christian schools, and more. Some of the institutions that have benefitted from her giving include the Potters House, the Ada Christian School, Holland Christian Schools, and many others as well.


Betsy DeVos has been donating to organizations oriented towards US education as well. Some of those include the Grand Rapids Christian High School Association, the Right to Life Michigan Educational Fund, Baptists for Life, and many others as well. Betsy DeVos has been a supporter of the think tank Foundation for Excellence in Education, and she is also a board member of the foundation.


In recent years, most of the charitable giving of Betsy DeVos has been made through the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation which the couple started up back in 1989. The organization focuses on donating to Christian schools and other academic institutions, it supports art and tries to defend civil justice and human rights as well. The Dick and Betsy Family Foundation doles out millions of dollars to charity every year. In 2015, the foundation donated a collective amount of ten million dollars to different charities and organizations. The number has been rising bit by bit every year.


Along with donating to the education sector, Betsy DeVos has been an active proponent of the Republican party. She did some work for the Republicans in Michigan in two mandates, the second one concluding in the year 2000.


Betsy DeVos has been keeping busy predominantly with her position as Trump’s Secretary of Education and has left the charitable donations to the Dick and Betsy Famly Foundation. Her husband also used to dabble in politics, and he was a political candidate at some point but was not elected.


Betsy DeVos comes from a family of business. Her father is the founder of the Prince Corporation, and her brother is also an entrepreneur. Betsy DeVos married into an affluent business family as well, and her and Dick DeVos handle the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation together as well as Dick Devos’s company called the Windquest Group.


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How Talk Fusion Associates Now Have Access To A High-Quality Training Program

Talk Fusion is a company located in Brandon, Florida that is owned by Bob Reina. As the chief executive officer of the company he has acquired over 25 years of experience in the network marketing field. His company has announced that he is now sharing that experience through his new “Talk Fusion University“. The university will educate Talk Fusion Associates on how to build their businesses and get more sales.
The new “Talk Fusion University” will offer information through a number of ways. It will have written materials to read. As video is one of the most important ways of conveying information, and lies at the heart of Talk Fusion, the Talk Fusion Associates will also have step-by-step instructional videos as well as access to motivational videos. The new training program will be accessible to Talk Fusion Associates throughout the world no matter where they are.
Bob Reina was once a Hillsborough County, Florida police officer. He went into business for himself in the 1990’s and, starting with no sales experience, developed a method of selling that made him one of the top earners in the direct selling industry, otherwise known as either network marketing and/or multi-level marketing.
Bob Reina has explained that each Talk Fusion Associate’s success is predicated upon the success of others. It takes an entire team to create products and sell them. He has said that real income can only come about when an entire team of people can duplicate the success any one member is experiencing. Through learning what does and doesn’t work from others people can build upon their teammate’s success.
Talk Fusion is a company that allows companies to market their products using video. Their first product was Video Email where the video plays within the actual email rather than sending the user off to some link. Over the years they have added other ways to market through video that collectively make up the Talk Fusion Video Suite. This includes, in addition to Video Email, also Live Meetings, Video Chat, Video Newsletters, and Sign-up Forms. The suite is used by many companies to increase their revenues and generate larger success. Learn more:

Omar Yunes Formulates Strategies for Transforming Entrepreneurship

Omar Yunes has grown to become one of the most idolized entrepreneurs in Mexico. He majorly runs food businesses with various food industries in Japan. Besides, he owns Sushi Itto and other branches in Mexico City and Veracruz among many other cities. Having launched many franchises, Omar Yunes has been able to provide job opportunities for various professionals and what Omar Yunes knows.


The main reason behind his successful businesses is because of the advanced marketing strategies that he has employed to enable him to attract a market for his products. His food industries have gained popularity while under his leadership. This has been greatly influenced by his excellent leadership skills that he has exercised fully for the advantage of his firms.


The brands can now be found in various parts of the continent following the growth that Omar Yunes have earned over the years. This growth has been as a result of high standard work ethics that he has put forward for his employees. Additionally, he has built healthy relationships with his juniors to ensure that they work towards maximizing their productivity hence earning his brands more revenue and more information click here.


Omar Yunes has received various laurels from different organizations for having changed the system of operations for the brand and its branches. His efforts in providing excellent customer services have also been appreciated globally. He has as well improved the hospitality businesses within Mexico and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.


Despite the implementation of rules against some foreign investors, Omar Yunes has put up forums that have defended these investors, and everyone is hoping that the government bends the rules. Besides, the citizens of the United States of America have rejected these travel rules and wished that the government scraps them off before issues get out of hand and contact him.


The citizens of Muslim countries such as Somalia have also been barred from accessing the borders of the United States of America. However, the majority of the country’s inhabitants are not happy with the doings of their government.


Following the complaints of the American people and the powerful influence of Omar Yunes, the government has no choice but to do away with the rules. It is the investors that play a major role in the country’s economy and therefore Omar is happy to fight for them and

Roberto Santiago: The Tycoon with a Passion for Social Change

Roberto Santiago is one of the richest entrepreneurs in North Eastern Brazil. From humble beginnings as a café worker, Mr. Santiago diligently worked his way up the ladder to become a respected businessman in Brazil. Roberto is also a skilled motorsport race with plenty of accolades to his name.


Mr. Santiago was born in Jaoa Pessoa Brazil. His first job was in a Café in Jaoa Pessoa where he started honing his business skills. Roberto had a vision to change Brazil and better the lives of Brazilians through commerce and social engagement.


His first successful entrepreneurial project was the launch of Manaira Shopping mall in 1989. The mall became the first to open in Paraiba area providing a number of services to the locals. Through the years, the mall has made major strides in improvement which includes renovating and expanding the existing layout. Today Manaira shopping mall is one of the largest commercial complexes in Paraiba.


Santiago wanted to create a hub for leisure and fun where Brazilians could come to unwind. Manaira mall boasts of over 75,000m2 of rentable space and over 300 shopping stores. Still within the complex, you will find about 11 movie theatres with state of the art visual and sound equipment. For an exhilarating movie experience, you can pay for one of the VIP movie rooms or sit at any of the 3D movie halls. Manaira mall also houses one of the largest electronic amusement parks in Brazil. This gaming complex has over 200 gaming machines that cater to all ages and tastes.


Besides business, Roberto Santiago is a budding sportsman as well. When he is not running things at his office, he is out in the asphalt field racing a 250cc or a 125 cc go-kart. Santiago is the only Brazilian to ever win the Brazilian Karting Championship. He has also scooped first place in several state racing championships and has been recognized as a top sportsman in the Parabaino Championships category 250V and 125CC.


Roberto Santiago is also an advocate for social change. He is the sitting Deputy Federal for the Social Democratic Party of Brazil. He was also re-elected for the position of vice president for the General Union of Workers. Mr. Santiago is passionate about the struggle of workers, and he lives each day fighting for their rights and mobilizing them in civil unions.


Roberto Santiago is a successful businessman, politician, and sportsman. He is one of the respected rich people in North East Brazil who also care about the society around.